This is a motion piece promoting a fictitious art history lecture series called Form. 

My goal was to use a combination of design, sound and animation to represent several art movements. I spent time researching each movement in order to not only understand the aesthetic characteristics that exists throughout the work, but the motivation behind it. It was important to know when the art movement began and why, the artists involved and how it was received by the public. 

I wanted the overall mood to be nostalgia and longing. I knew the sound design would play a huge role in establishing this so I reached out to Rachel Soong, a talented musician who composed an original piece of music for the project. 

The lecture series is called Form so I striped away the colour in order to keep the viewers focus on the basics.

The challenge in designing and animating this project often came with deciding how best to convey the specific tone of each genre. It came down to the art of selection. Deciding what was most important in the context of the project and knowing when to element content that didn’t stay true to the art movement it represented. 


The making of Form

Design & Animation: Kirstin Smith
Music: Rachel Soong